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Kiteboarding is a young and growing sport both internationally and locally. The number of kiters around Alberta has steadily been increasing over the past few years. Many of these kiters can confirm that kiteboarding is not as easy as buying a kite and hitting the water or snow.  After learning how to control the kite in an effective and safe manner, most kiters will progress quite rapidly.

Safety is extremely important. The wind can be dangerous when there is a lack of understanding. Learning to kiteboard without a lesson can be done, but lessons provide the appropriate training to gain valuable initial technical experience, safety considerations, and overall understanding of the sport that may get lost in translation while learning via written or video instructions. The benefit of an instructor's feedback aims to accelerate the students progression while maintaing a safe learning environment. Furthermore, instructors can provide constructive feedback to develop good kiting habits and eliminate the bad ones.

Lessons will help you actively evaluate conditions and launch spots, prepare and understand equipment, and control the kite to ensure you are kiting in a safe manner for both yourself and others. Our lessons will be divided into three sections: Basic Flying Skills, Water Starts, and Riding.

Lesson 1 - Flying Skills

This lesson will give you the basic flying skills required to quickly progress into water or snow kiting. It is land based and is taught using a small trainer kite, then moving on to a larger de-power type kite using a harness. Lesson duration is about 1.5 hours.

What will you learn:

  • Elements of the wind window (where the kite fly’s in the sky)
  • Introduction to parts of the kite/ bar/ harness.
  • Safety of bystanders and yourself.
  • Setup/ Launching/ Re-Launching/ Landing/ Pack up.
  • Flying the kite in control and how to create power for riding.
  • Safety systems and how to use them.
*Kites and harness will be provided.

Lesson 2 - Water Skills

This lesson will be taught at a local lake, the exact location will be determined the night before or the day of the lesson as it is dependent on the wind direction. Lesson duration is about 3 hours.

Lesson 1 is not a pre-requisite for the water lesson, but because flying skills represent 75% of the skills required to get riding, we highly recommend you take it. This will get you further along and give you more time to practice the water based skills during lesson 2.

What will you learn:

  • Items described in lesson 1 or a quick review if you took lesson 1.
  • Site conditions and weather considerations. (picking a spot to ride)
  • Water and/or land launching.
  • Body dragging (kite control and making power)
  • Body drag up wind (board retrieval)
  • Safety release and packing the kite up safely
  • Waterstarts. (getting up on the board)
*Kites, harnesses, boards will be provided. We have most sizes of booties and wetsuits.

Lesson 3 - Wet and Riding

What You'll Learn

This lesson continues on from lesson 2. Now you know how to get up on the board so let’s learn the principals of riding and staying up-wind so you can finish your session where you started.

  • Continual coaching as you practice will get you riding with proper control, body position, and speed.
  • Basic turns will also be covered for switching directions. Lesson duration is about 2.5 hours.
*Kites, harnesses, boards will be provided. We have most sizes of booties and wetsuits.

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